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View of Boston from the harbor, taken by Stephanie Ross.

I’m moving to Boston!

I sat there, staring at the “book now” button on Jet Blue’s website.
Thoughts of worry, anxiety and excitement flooded my mind as I tried to decide if now was the right time to go.

You see, I have visited Boston plenty of times before. It has been a city I’ve admired since I was 12 years old and a dream I have postponed multiple times. But that night, as I sat in front of my computer screen, I ran out of excuses not to go.

I come from a small town in West Texas where most of my classmates have stayed to raise their families. I, however, left it the moment I got the chance. I figured Dallas/Fort Worth would be the next stopping point. I finished college (University of North Texas) and landed a great position at a public relations firm in the heart of Uptown Dallas.

Several weeks pass, and I found myself feeling stuck. I commuted 70 miles a day, spending most of my time stuck in traffic. I constantly asked God, “What am I doing? Why am I here?” I felt as though my life was at a stand still and being wasted away cursing at the incompetent drivers around me.

I looked at myself in the mirror that night and couldn’t recognize the resentful, tired, lifeless woman staring back at me. I had changed. I was no longer competitive or driven, I was the portrait of a person in limbo.

But not anymore.

Carefully weighing the pros and cons (and my finances, too), I decided to move to Boston. I booked my one-way ticket, bought a ton of space-saver bags and collected enough money to live up there for a couple of months. This raised a lot of worries from my loved ones.

“Do you have a job?”

“So, you’re just going to get off a plane and then what?”

“Won’t you get lonely?”

“Aren’t you scared?”

Well here is my answer: No, I do not have a job lined up… yet. Several interviews await me and I can make unemployment work for me, if they do not work out. I believe your twenties are for adventure. I do not have a husband (or boyfriend), nor do I have children. I literally have nothing stopping me. One of my biggest fears is not seizing opportunities that were there for my taking.

In less than a week (on January 7), I will step foot into Boston Logan International and begin a new chapter of my life… a chapter I can’t wait to share with you!

Do you have any advice or experiences you would like to share?
Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your story.

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  • Savannah

    I love this so much. As scary as it is to be moving away, it’d be even scarier to not know what could have been. I love you big and wish you the best luck out at Boston! 🙂

    • Thank you, little! I love you. Come visit me when you get the chance! 🙂

  • Stephane Rovelo

    While I do not know what awaits you in your future, I do have this to say.

    “The road goes ever on and on
    Down from the door where it began
    Now far ahead the road has gone
    And I must follow if I can. “

    • That is so sweet, Stephane!
      So glad I met you and that we are best buds.
      Feel free to follow and/or visit. 🙂

  • Megan Peters

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! I am proud of your choice to not allow fear to hold you back. Praying for your new adventure. Looking forward to updates 🙂

    • Thanks Megan! I appreciate it.
      Peace out, girl scout. 😛

  • Jamika Campbell

    This is really good for you! (: I’m really happy for you and that you’re following dreams and doing what you want to do instead of feeling stuck and wishing you had moved. This is what life is about. I think this will be a great adventure and oppurtunity for you! So congratulations! ((:

  • I’ve never done what you are, but always wish I would have! Good luck 🙂 Boston is great.

    • Thank you!
      I have to agree. Boston is a great city. 🙂

  • Amanda Sue

    Follow your dreams, baby. Can’t wait to visit you in Bean-town 😉 At least you won’t have to pahk your cahr.

    • Yay! Can’t wait to have you!
      Don’t be a stranger!