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The Woes of Moving Nothing

My body is plagued with exhaustion this week.
I finally “moved” into my new apartment in the Fenway area on Sunday. I use quotation marks because I came to Boston with only three suitcases, a blanket and pillow.. so there’s not much to move. Mind you, it was still exhausting.

Naturally, I’ve been scouring Craigslist for necessities. I might have to review and revise my priorities as my first purchase was about 10 decorative pillows purchased from Urban Outfitters sold by a nice grad school student from the Netherlands, but a digress.

Craigslist Pillows
The city and its people have been treating me well. While Bostonians lack in southern hospitality, I’ve met several neighbors and Delta Gammas up here who haven’t hesitated in helping me out or giving me advice. One neighbor helped me carry my stuff up to the fourth floor (that’s where I live) as he saw me struggling to get my largest suitcase up the three steps to our entrance. Another neighbor let me borrow her air mattress after introducing herself and realizing I’m a Texan in transition.

The entire purpose of my blog isn’t to sugar coat my experiences in a new city. It has been difficult at times, but I also don’t want my readers to fret. It’s all a part of the experience and I was definitely expecting it to be difficult at times. I have to say this because many people have emailed or text me saying I sound depressed. (trust me, I’m not depressed at all!)

Queensberry Entrance
Moving into a new apartment has been my biggest financial challenge. If you haven’t looked at how much the average monthly rent is in Boston proper, save yourself a heart attack. It’s expensive and frazzling. Some days I feel as though it all might be too much, but those are the days where I have to take a step back and realize I’ve already achieved my basic and biggest life goal.

Not only is rent expensive, but leaving all of my items in Texas has caused me to re-buy everything I already own. I’m still working on the logistics of it all and wondering if it is even worth getting movers to bring my stuff. So, if you have advice on that sort of thing… let me know! Movers are big money.. and big money is exactly what I don’t have.

Another thing I’m lacking is a vehicle. Therefore, if I want to go get a bunch of items from IKEA or Target, I have to be able to carry all of it on the T (subway) or the bus. Interesting, eh? Luckily Amazon Prime has become my best friend. Yet, anything I order, I still have to haul up four flights. (No, my building doesn’t have elevators.)

My oh my, what a whirlwind I am in! I could go on, but I must get back to doing some work.
I’ll post again soon, hopefully with more direction than just spilling my guts out.

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  • Bri G

    Awe steph I’ve been keeping up with your posts and gotta tell you I’m very proud of you i knew you’d always move to Boston 🙂 and there you are,..although we’ve been threw alot and haven’t kept in contact much your still my best friend and I will always be herw for you -Bri-

    • Aww thanks Bri!
      We’ve been friends for so long now, crazy!
      Thanks for reading. 🙂