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How to barely survive winter

I have always been a fan of cooler weather.
The beautiful changing of the leaves, the crisp air at night, the pretend smoking while you’re outside… I have always loved it.
Winter Every season in Texas is kind of crazy. One day you’re braving a cool 20-degree day, the next you’re out washing your car in the sunshine. I would always get sick in that kind of whiplash of temperatures.. sinus pressure, headaches, fevers, you name it. I have never, in my entire life, experienced a terribly harsh winter.

Until now.. dun, dun, dunn!
Living here for two weeks in January has taught me a lot and made me really appreciate the warm humidity of Texas.

My skin is itchy.

My lips are always chapped.

My nose bleeds.
Being in Massachusetts, I am always slathering on lotion, chap stick and carrying a wad of Kleenex in my pocket. Meanwhile, all my buddies are sending me messages saying how hot it is in Texas! It has been such a shock to me, that even locals feel sorry for me when I tell them where I am from. “Poor you, you must be freezing!” they all say.

Yes, I am freezing. I wear pants, a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks to bed at night. (Which isn’t like me at all!) I cringe every time I have to put on layers just to take out the trash. But let me tell you, winter is much more beautiful here. Walking along Newbury Street and watching the snowflakes collect on the side of the street is so dreamy. Boston in the snow is so picturesque, I have to wonder if this is all a dream. Am I going to wake up and find myself back in my old room in my old bed?

It’s almost like I’m in a movie… like an Alice in Wonderland of some kind. Some days I walk around aimlessly, gawking at how all of these people still manage to live their lives in freezing temperatures! It’s quite amazing, folks. It’s something I wasn’t prepared for at all, no matter how much I tried.

MBTA Commuter Rail

Lucky for me, I don’t have to walk very far to catch my train to work. Which, by the way, trains are awesome. My commute is awesome. I’m no longer being flipped off at by soccer moms in mini vans (it has happened on numerous occasions) or cursing at the other drivers around me. Instead, I’m in a warm train either taking a nap, reading or watching movies on my iPad. Such a delight, I tell you.

Bottom line, winter kind of sucks.. but it doesn’t have to. Buy yourself a humidifier, drink a ton of water and warm teas and purchase fleece-lined leggings, waterproof gloves and insulated rain boots. You’re almost good to go!

But really… just typing this is making my hands go dry and cold. I need good lotions, nothing too smelly, any suggestions??

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  • Oof. I live in Winnipeg and have been dealing with extreme winter temperatures all my life. You’d think I would be used to it by now, but nope! Still a wuss.

    Plain ol’ Aveeno lotion seems to do the trick for dry hands, and it doesn’t smell much.

    • Oh wow! I don’t think I could survive a winter over there!
      Stay warm. 🙂