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Seeking Inspiration

I’ve been in a slump for a few days now.

You know that saying “you can’t run away from your problems” ?

Well, it’s true. When you move, you’re inspired.

You feel like all of your questions will be answered. You think you will have it all figured out.

But really, I’m now back at square one.

During my junior/senior year of college, I had lost my passion inspiration. I’m not sure if it’s the reality of life or the fact that most people around me lack passion, but I’ve become terrified.
Am I going to grow into a spark-less adult? Am I going to be someone with a dull obituary that writes:
Stephanie passed at the age of 100. Umm… she worked 8-5 and was just a regular ole gal?”
This really depresses me. I’m not sure how people live life on auto-pilot. But I know one thing, I don’t want that.

I’m on a mission to surround myself with inspired people. There’s nothing more horrible to me than working for people who have zero passion for what they do, what they represent or what they’re working towards.. if anything at all. I guess this means I’m deeply influenced by my environment, but so be it. When I die (it’s going to happen, everyone dies), I want to be remembered for something. Not for my personality, but for the things I did to contribute to society. For something I did for future generations, even if I was only a contributor.

I’m not sure where this is leading or how I’m going to do this. To be honest, it’s probably my off-balanced hormones talking. But this is the same reason I was unhappy in Dallas/Fort Worth, and I am sure as hell not going to allow myself to be unhappy in my dream city. I won’t allow it.

I’ll keep you posted.

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  • Chelsy B.

    Keep your head up my love! Know that we’re all rooting for you back home, and we KNOW you’ll be doing great things 🙂
    Also know that we’re all sipping our haterade in awe of how courageous you are to have left to follow your dreams! Even on days you may not feel like it, you are an inspiration!

  • Proud of you. Know you will find what you are searching for, because you are searching. Love you. Praying for you.

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