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10 Goals for Summer 2014

When I lost inspiration, I had to take a step back and do some reevaluating. I realized my Boston life was the same as my DFW life, except the number of friends. After this realization, I knew what I missed… I missed learning and adding depth to my life. Because I am on the pursuit of happiness, I found that I needed to make goals for myself and work towards the bigger picture. While I am still figuring out the bigger picture (aren’t we all?), the small steps are what matter.

1. Finish my web development class

I signed up for a front-end web development class through the StartUp Institute! Web development has always been something I’ve loved doing (nerd alert!), but my style of coding is outdated. Luckily this class will help catch me up to the current language and coding styles.

2. Restart my yoga practice

I was lucky enough to have a membership at Sunstone Yoga while I was in Dallas. However, after my last surgery, I stopped for the fear of not allowing myself to properly heal. With all of the pent up energy and stress, sweating and stretching it out is exactly what I need to do.

3. Read more

This is a cliché one. But there’s nothing like escaping through a book and being lost in its pages.

4. Ride a Swan Boat

This is so Boston. The Swan boats are pretty cute, especially if you’re on a date. (Hear that, gents?)

5. Get a tan

For the first time in my life, I want a tan. I’ve always loved my light skin, plus I hardly show it off, but I think tanned skin is so pretty. Hopefully I get a tan doing some type of physical, outdoor activity.

6. Take more photos

I, like many others, am terrible at pulling out my camera for photos. While I document my experiences through words, sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words.

7. Boston Harbor Fest

Boston Harbor Fest held on July 6th to celebrate Independence Day. Did I mention they have a Chowder Fest (pronounced Chow-dah)? You get to taste different chowdas and vote for your favorite. I have to go to this.

8. Go to the beach

Most people think of Florida or California when they hear the word “beach,” but New England has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Nantucket, Cape Cod and the coast of Maine are just a few. Check out this list of New England’s Best Beaches.

9. Be a better friend

I won’t deny it. I have been a terrible long-distance friend. I answer texts in an untimely fashion and forget to put effort in SnapChat. So I will do my best to make a phone call or two to my friends back home and adhere to planned Skype dates when possible.

10. Disconnect

I want to spend a weekend disconnected from technology. While it is hard to escape from a social media-centered world, it would be quite refreshing to unplug and relax with a book.

Do you have any goals for this summer? Post them in a comment!

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