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Boston Public Library Reading Room

My 4 Favorite Places to Work From in Boston

As a young professional, I’ve experimented with the way I work.

I’ve tried waking up at the crack of dawn to start working — that didn’t work.
I’ve tried working strictly at night — nope.
I’ve, of course, done the traditional 9-5 — not always productive.

I started at my agency nearly a year ago, and have been #blessed with the flexibility to work in ways that I’m best productive. In fact, sometimes we are encouraged to change scenery if we are feeling stuck or having a bit of writer’s block. Below are four of my favorite places to work from.

Uno Due Go (Downtown Crossing)

With plenty of seating, fast Wi-Fi and a great mix of food to eat, Uno Due Go is one of my favorites. It’s smack dab in the middle of Downtown Crossing, which makes it easy to meet anyone or go anywhere in Boston. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The restaurant is quiet most hours of the day, except for the usual lunch rush.

Boston Public Library

This Boston landmark sends you to Hogwarts… without having to leave the city. With several reading rooms, an outdoor courtyard and a cafe, you can find the perfect atmosphere. I find myself starting out my work day at the louder cafe and eventually move to the quiet confines of the main reading room (pictured above). Plus, what is more inspiring than a beautiful library?

Boloco (Berklee College of Music)

I know a burrito place isn’t a place you’d think of working from, but the Boloco at Berklee College of Music is close to the perfect office. With high top tables, regular tables and couch-style seating, the restaurant is very comfortable. The Wi-Fi is fast, plus they have fountain drinks that keep you hydrated (or not) throughout your work day. The only downside is the smell. Smelling delicious burritos can get tiring.

Starbucks Kenmore Square

Starbucks as successfully marketed itself as THE coffee shop for remote workers. Typically, I don’t like working from Starbucks due to the loud, incessant music interfering with my phone calls and podcasts I listen to. However, the Starbucks at Kenmore Square is different. It provides outdoor seating and a quieter atmosphere than most others. The only downside is the Wi-Fi speed. It’s not the fastest, which makes this location the best for distraction-free writing.

Are you a remote worker in Boston? What are some of your favorite spots?
Please share in the comments below!

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