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First Month Recap

As of today, I survived an entire month on my own in Boston! Can you believe it? It feels like too much has happened since I got here. Let’s just say, if it wouldn’t have worked out, I’d be getting on a plane back to Dallas/Fort Worth and moving back home today. But, by the grace of God and many of your prayers, I’ve [sorta] made it!
So, want to know what happened? Well, if you haven’t paid attention, here’s what happened.

I’m a Marketing Coordinator

On day five, I received an offer to work for a construction company as a marketing coordinator. I must say, I actually really enjoy my job. My office is very relaxed and drama-free since I work with a bunch of male engineers/architects. My boss is a very good listener, he loves to hear my input and my ideas. Plus I get to do many of the things I love like web coding, graphic design and writing! Yay.

I found an apartment

As you might remember, I booked an AirBNB for one month in Somerville. From there, I found an apartment with my sweet roommate in the Fenway area. That’s right, I am less than a seven minute walk from the ballpark! I’m a couple of blocks from The Pru (Prudential Center) and super close to the subway. I’m also going to get a pair of sexy legs, since I’m on the top floor. (No, there’s no elevator.)

I’ve been homesick

Yeah, basically part of the whole process. It’s been hard at times. I definitely miss the southern hospitality of Texas, as well as delicious Mexican food. I also really miss my friends and family. Seeing my roommate with her college friends remind me of the glorious days I had with all of mine.

I’ve joined the Alumnae Chapter

One of the best decisions of my life, and its still continuing after college! I’ve met quite a few Boston Delta Gammas through happy hours and our Facebook group. I also get to help out the Boston University chapter with their recruitment this weekend. So excited!

That’s about it. Well, I can’t necessarily say “it.” It’s only been a month and so much as happened. So thank you for all of your well wishes, comments, texts and emails! I read every single one of them, and they make my heart pitter patter! Thanks for reading! Until next time.

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  • Chelsy B.

    Happy 1 month Bost-iversary! I’m so happy for you! Texas and it’s warm weather miss you too, but I’m glad you’re having fun, albeit in the bitter cold. Love you!

    • Thank you! I do miss the warm weather. Everyone’s been telling me about the pretty weather going on over there.

      Miss you, too of course!