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Hey there!

Stephanie Ross

Well, hello there! Welcome to my little corner where I share my triumphs and tribulations on my bold journey of survival and self-exploration.

I am Stephanie, the girl behind the blog. I am a 20-something from Texas who decided to move across the country to Boston (read more here). I graduated college in three short years and now find myself constantly saying “now what?” Like many others, I don’t know the next step.. but that’s the beauty of life!

I fell in love with writing at a very young age. The moment I knew I wanted to be a writer was when my “Kite Story” received the loudest applause in my 5th grade class. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with writing, journalism and reading the news. By day, I’m a public relations professional at an agency that makes my heart smile. By night, I’m either hanging out with my beloved feline friend, Toshi; exploring Boston by foot, sipping on a beer, trying to exercise or somewhere in the sky.

I am a proud alumna from the University of North Texas and Delta Gamma Fraternity. I am always out in the world volunteering with the blind and visually impaired (read my story on volunteering with MABVI here), the elderly population and at a local, no-kill cat shelter.

So, follow along and tell me something interesting. We are all friends here!

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