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7 things I’ll miss about Texas

Despite stuffing over ten space saver bags with my entire cold-weather/work wardrobe (I know, that’s a lot), my flight to Boston was cancelled. It’s definitely not Jet Blue’s fault, so I guess I will blame “global warming.”

A Boston Winter

Given the setback, I’ve had time to hang out and say my goodbyes over good food and cheap cocktails. This blessing in disguise has really allowed me to soak in all things Texan, the things I’ll miss! (Sorry if most of them are food-related, Texas has amazing food!) Mind you, I’m not the stereotypical Texan. I have no interest in country music, nor do I own a pair of cowboy boots. I have never owned a horse or cow, so I’m sure this list is different from a “typical” Texan’s.

Julio’s Tortilla Chips

These chips are to die for! The saltiness and the delicious seasoning keeps me buying the large bag over and over again. Pair them with Julio’s salsa and you’re good to go. Heck, you don’t even need the salsa..just eat them plain. Luckily, you can order these online. Thank the sweet Lord, because these are coming to Boston!

Mild Winters

In Texas, our cities close if there’s two inches of snow, which is always accompanied by ice. We can use winter weather as an excuse to be late due to the heavy traffic caused by unprepared Texan drivers. My freshman year of college, we had a two-week snow break. Towards the end of 2013, we were off four days. I won’t, however, miss the sand-covered roads during this season. Not sure why we don’t use salt to de-ice the roads, but I rest my case.

Homemade tortillas

Homemade tortillas
My grandma is the best cook in the family. Her tortillas are so good! They are soft, warm and perfect with butter once it is right off the stove! Even her simple dishes (fideo and frijoles) are always good to the last bite! God bless that woman and darn her for always making me hungry.

Okay.. Mexican food in general

It’s a Texas staple that cannot be ignored! I’m almost scared to try any Mexican food in Boston, simply because I know it won’t compare to Tex-Mex. Taco Tuesdays are a common thing right after a Margarita Monday. Let’s also not forget the Enchilada Special on Wednesdays at Uncle Julio’s!

Cheap drinks

I come from a land of 50-cent wells and $3 margaritas.. how could you not miss that when you would normally spend between $8-$12 on a single drink? Even if I didn’t drink alcohol, I greatly appreciate a good deal and great savings. Mind you, I’m a social drinker… so you can’t judge me.

Inexpensive cost of living

I used to complain about my “high rent” during college. My rent was only $565 a month. Now, looking at how much I’ll be spending on rent near the city of my dreams, I definitely wish I didn’t take my cheap rent for granted. Oh, by the way, that $565 included utilities.

Last, but not least…

Of course I will miss my family and friends. I don’t mean to be cliché, but it’s true! They’re the best and the reason I have the courage to pursue this life-long dream of mine. Naturally, I couldn’t do it without them!

So…did I miss anything? Leave me a comment, I’m curious to see what your Texan favorites are.
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  • I miss cheap drinks from living in Florida, too! Last time I visited my dad refused to buy a beer because it was $3.50. I just laughed and said hey I’ll get that for you because, you know, it’s at least double up here for a crappy beer! Checking you out from your NE bloggers application! WIll add you to our group soon! 🙂

    • Haha that’s hilarious!
      Yeah not sure why they would be so expensive up there! I will probably start a life in sobriety soon! Thanks for your comment. 🙂